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Coffee Music Mix®

We offer unique production services such as music production, video production, radio, television, podcasts, and other multimedia content and programming. Available via internet, mobile app, radio broadcast, TV broadcast, podcast and all other multimedia content streaming platforms. Stay woke with Coffee Music Mix!

My Coffee Music Mix Definition:

cof·fee mu·sic  /  ˈkôfē, ˈkäfē  /  ˈmyo͞ozik

1. smooth and soulful instrumentals mixed with conscious lyrics that keep you spiritually and mentally awake; "Stay woke with Coffee Music Mix." - by DJ Skratch

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$4.99 Monthly






FREE or $4.99 per month

Free Monthly Subscription (with Ads) or

$4.99 Monthly Subscription (with NO Ads) 

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Enjoy A Taste of Each Coffee Music Mix® Flavor

Need continuous ad-free music with mix flavor for your special event or family gathering?

    Need office, restaurant or retail store background music with mix flavor

Maybe you just wanna kick back at home or in your car and listen to some

smooth music mix blends? Choose our $4.99 Monthly Subscription (with NO Ads).  

Original Coffee Music Mix® K-Cup Flavor Pods Coming Soon!

Beige Coffee Music Mix K-Cup

Neo-Soulful tracks mixed with a touch of Smooth Jazz, a hint of R&B and a dash of Gospel, Hip Hop flavor.

Smooth Blend

Red Coffee Music Mix K-Cup

Our DJ's turn up the tempo just a little while mixing soulful instrumentals with new and classic hit acapella lyrics. Giving you unique Coffee Music Mix remixes to songs you know and love.


Blue Coffee Music Mix K-Cup

Listen to Bold and Unapologetic Poets express themselves over smooth & soulful beats.

Bold Express'Yo Mix

The Quiet Storm reimagined. Our DJ's slow down the tempo at midnight with Smooth Jazz and Neo Soulful R&B tracks. Lay back and relax from a long days work or enjoy an intimate moment with your significant other with our Midnight Passion Mix Flavor.

Midnight Passion

Black Coffee Music Mix K-Cup
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